About Us

Design Desk is a creative interior design and fit-out contractor in the UAE offering fresh creative unique solutions for any design project.

We offer a full range of turnkey services from design to completion of the project, whether it be office interiors of various companies or organizations, banks, hotels or restaurants, apartments or villas, as well as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc.

Founded in 2019, Design Desk Interiors has grown to be one of the leading contractors in the UAE today. Since the founding of our company, we have been providing premium interior fittings and turnkey solutions including design, planning, execution and delivery. Design Desk Interiors with a team of highly qualified professionals provides ample opportunities for various services to create a stylish, fashionable space for work and life in accordance with the latest trends

With over 400 seductive interiors, the Design Desk stands out for its inspiring, energetic design and science of execution. We strive to provide continuous, streamlined operations by understanding our customers' requirements and culture to provide a smart combination of courageous functional design and turnkey interior constructive solutions with the implementation of environmentally friendly materials and high technology. We know how to combine our design with mind and spirit, and blend practicality and aesthetics flawlessly to create a future-ready workplace.


Welcome to our world, where our dream is to create yours

About Us

What We Do

Our highly-trained and fully certified specialists operate across diverse fields to deliver a quality that we can be proud to put our name (and more importantly, yours) to.

As your end-to-end Creative Consultant, we walk every step of thejourney side-by-side with you as your partner in success, giving you theflexibility, freedom, and knowledge to express your vision throughout. Our teamwidens your possibilities with in-depth insights in.


We passionately believe that true beauty lives in the details, and sophistication lives in simplicity.

We constantly challenge ourselves by reimagining and redefining how interior design can enrich our clients' lives, and that of their guests or clientele: visually, functionally, and experientially. All this ensures that we relentlessly pursue flawless quality because we treat every space as an extension of our client's own personality, standards, and reputation.

About Us

Why Did You Choose Us

In a competitive industry, the ultimate goal is to provide the best of the best items and services at reasonable prices and on time. One of the main strengths of Design Desk, which helps to achieve perfect and high-quality finishes, which leads to greater customer satisfaction, is to treat all the smallest details and work accordingly with a qualified approach in the workplace.

It is paramount to prevent any disagreements or problems from forming, but in the event of occurrence, uppermost is to understand and eliminate them immediately In terms of cost, time and quality, - we ensure a smooth operation, in which every project is carried out safely, without delay and with the highest quality.

We have extensive functional experience but are known for our holistic approach we seize upon value across borders.

Our services have evolved over the years to a level where we can offer our clients the highest levels of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and personalized professional services. In addition, we are firmly committed to achieving absolute customer satisfaction in every partnership, in every project we design and execute for our clients.

About Us

Health and Environment

Developed over the years experience and knowledge gained by: A constant interaction with stakeholders,

The latest technological changes and a constant striving to improve the sustainability of our operations is characterized by a strategy of small steps, where proven solutions are supported and innovations and improvements are carefully implemented.

Hence, we strive our products and services comply with internationally recognized standards and regulations in terms of quality and environmental impact with the ongoing goal of eliminating any safety hazard.

QHSE policy is evident in all relevant risk management and control processes that are maintained throughout the development, production and delivery process in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.