Commercial interior design vs residential interior design

How is commercial interior design different from residential interior design?

Interior design is a combination of art and science that determines how the interior of a building must look, both in terms of design and efficiency. People usually assume that interior designing is easy, but that’s far from the truth. To be a good interior designer in Dubai, you should have an eye for detail, and every creative bone in your body should be ready for innovation. The interior designing services in Dubai are successful because of their vision and how they always look for ways to improve upon something already good.

A person who wants to dive into interior design must know the following fields.

● Materials, textiles, colors, patterns, sustainability, logistics, etc.

● CAD for 2D and 3D modeling.

● Structural requirements and safety issues.

There are two main types of interior designing which are commercial and residential designing.

Residential interior design 

Residential, as the name suggests, refers to one home. Therefore the art of residential interior designing leans towards ensuring that the customer is satisfied by the way you design their home. When we talk about someone’s home, we don’t just talk about efficient design but also focus on personal touch. That’s where the trick lies. 

As a residential interior designer, you must make sure that your design not only its the functional requirements but also reflects the client’s personality and tastes.

Commercial Interior design 

Differing from residential interior design, the art of commercial interior design focuses on how a work environment should look. An office space exists because of the need to have a professional environment with fewer distractions and promotes better productivity. Therefore, as a commercial interior designer, you must make sure that the office supports both calm and a busy environment. The design should be polished and professional. It must be classy and welcoming at the same time so that the employers can work in peace.

Difference between commercial interior design and residential interior design

When we talk about the difference between the two fields of designing, we focus on the scope. Residential design leans more towards designing the condos, uses, apartments, private property, which never go extinct as long a people have a roof over their heads.

But when it comes to commercial designing, the entire scope changes. Here instead of personal touch, we talk about a professional look. Offices, Museums, sports facilities, seminar halls, casinos, clubs, theatres are just a few of the many commercial architectures that come your way. 

You can easily observe that the scope for commercial interior design is much higher than that of residential design.

Another difference comes into the picture when we talk about design requirements. The residential places are usually small, and the client has a clear-cut idea of how they want it to look. Therefore, your entire work is to closely work with the client to ensure all of their needs are satisfied.

But when it comes to commercial design, the place is usually more prominent, and the client has a vague idea of what they want. They depend on you for the detailing and styling of the area. Therefore, here you have to think a lot and develop various requirements that your client may require.

What aspects should you consider while opting for commercial interior design?

When you want to design your commercial place, then there are a few aspects that you must consider before you jump into the central part of the process.

● Budget

Usually, as the requirements are higher for professional interior design, the services tend to charge you more money. Therefore, before you hire a commercial interior designer, you must make sure to have the budget that the whole process might need. At times you may have to compromise based on your priorities as well.

● Time

Sometimes, when opening an on-site office, you may not have much time in your hands. In such a case, you have to look for services that offer you the best services quickly. Therefore, the time constraint is one of the significant aspects that you must consider.

● Design

The word interior design itself says a lot about the next aspect in our list. When we say design, we don’t just talk about the look and styling but also how efficient and professional the work is. There are multiple aspects that you must consider, like safety precautions, requirement analysis, etc.

● Workforce

When it comes to designing an entire commercial area, different aspects go into the picture. One person cannot be an expert in all the fields, and therefore you need a workforce where each of them has their work cut out for the time.

Therefore, having a good interior designer is always a boon for appearances and first impressions. The better your commercial place is, the easier it is for you to draw in potential clients, and therefore your business, in turn, increases beyond reach. If you need any assistance in commercial interior designing, you can always contact us through our website.

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