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Since its inception, Design Desk, one of the best commercial interior design companies, has evolved into a dynamic and agile 21st-century digital enterprise. We have developed a unique customer focus to create and deliver profitable, sustainable, and future-proof workplace solutions. Our ongoing mission is to continue to revolutionize the provision of design and construction services for businesses. We support forming the best team to achieve the project from start to finish. With more than 500 professionals worldwide, we continue to push the boundaries of workplace transformation.

Get commercial office interior design services in Dubai, UAE from the exceptional Design Desk from start to finish. We make every project our priority and assign highly qualified architectural design professionals with advanced tools to any design task.

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How Can The Design Desk Help You?

Our comprehensive architectural design service begins with a master growth plan. Once the initial phase is completed, the Design Desk, one of the leading commercial interior design firms in Dubai, will enter the building development process, beginning with the concept development and design development phase to create the most comprehensive strategic plan for the project.
After this is the construction document, we work with your team to ensure that everyone knows exactly where they are in the documentation process, including project specifications, engineering coordination, illustrations, cost estimates, procurement services, and reviews.
We can provide 3D rendering to get an accurate picture of what your structure will look like. You can use a network of contractors and managers to help you negotiate bids and get permits.

Our architectural commercial design services include:

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Design Visioning and Planning

Our commercial interior designing process begins with defining design goals and objectives. Once we collect all relevant information, we develop different concepts to achieve your goals. Design documents are generated based on your preference, followed by the contract documents required for bidding, permitting, and construction.

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Commercial space planning service

Space planning is one of the most important design functions of a commercial building. Our high-quality commercial building space planning services help you design your building in ways that increase efficiency and improve workflow. You can rearrange the layout of your work area once the building is complete, but our commercial space planner can help you design a building that can easily adapt to your changing needs.

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Finish Selections

Finishing materials such as tiles, flooring, marble, stone, wood, and wall coverings can be appealing in a variety of styles and options. We consider these materials like layers of cake and forms the basis of the environment. You can choose the floor first and then build each layer from it to fully integrate the colors, textures, and styles. The choice of finishing material mastered by the Design Desk is important to ensure a cohesive look and feel in your office.

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Furniture Selection

Working with our professional commercial office designers gives you the best location and knowledge of the right scale, proportions, patterns, and colors for the work you love. We help to purchase, purchase and arrange these finishes in such a way as to create a more attractive, functional, and complete commercial space.

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Lighting Solutions

Lighting improvements and upgrades are the key to cost savings and are loved by our customers and employees. Our commercial interior designers help make facilities shine brighter, operate more safely, and reduce energy and maintenance costs. With proven expertise and extensive experience in lighting and installation applications, we provide smart, cohesive solutions that push the boundaries of what lighting can do for you and your system.

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Window Treatment Design

We can provide commercial window treatment solutions for almost any type of office, hotel, or commercial space. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to solve almost any window treatment design challenges, from small spaces to large commercial spaces. Our comprehensive range of commercial window treatments can provide the best solution for your existing project. In addition, we back up all commercial designing services and products with a satisfaction guarantee!

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Decorative accessories selection

Decorative accessories can perfect your environment, improve your company's brand, and increase employee productivity. Accessories can also be used as space-saving tools on small floor plans, allowing employees to maximize their work area without sacrificing valuable desk or floor space. We help you find unique pieces for dazzling commercial interior designing with delicate style and comfort. When we talk about choices, our primary concern is the elements surrounding you in your visually appealing workplace.

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Designing offices, shops, restaurants, and other commercial spaces require hands-on experience and unique skills. Choosing our interior design company with a proven trackable experience makes all the difference in providing excellent products that fit your budget and schedule.
Most commercial design projects are completed within a few months, but industry standards provide a one-year warranty. Some commercial design companies voluntarily extend this warranty beyond the specified period to ensure that customers remain satisfied with their work two, five, or ten years after the end of the project.