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Your home is your place to relax. It is also where you want to decorate in the latest style. To create a modern design, you need the services of a creative interior design consultant or company.
Design Desk, the best and professional residential interior designing company, is constantly updated with the latest information on home decor services. The design in the interior of the house sometimes changes depending on the style and theme.
Our top interior designers offer interior design for 1 bhk, 2 bhk flat, 3 bhk and 4bhk using new modern interior home design styles. They make your home look smart and grab the attention of your visitors. With the home design service of the modern renovations that your home receives, all visitors will be impressed by your taste.

Residential Design Services

How Design Desk Can Help You With
Residential Design Services

At the Design Desk, we create a unique interior design that looks just right that can create a sense of calm due to simplicity and comfort due to luxury. Bold choices and detailed details can make a big impression and create a sense of 'glamour.' Our interior designers create unique, classic, spacious, and elegant designs that perfectly match your personality, hobbies, and lifestyle. As a residential interior design Dubai company, we are passionate about creating exceptional homes for our clients by offering the perfect blend of textures, materials, and fabrics.

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Interior design

Our home decor focuses on residential interior designing that makes the home both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Design Desk, the leading interior design company, designs the interiors of homes, apartments, condos, condominiums, and wherever people live. We provide our clients with the best home decor services and make their homes beautiful, lively and harmonious.

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Kid’s room interior

If you are planning to remodel or design the residential layout of your child's bedroom interior design or study for your child, he will guide you through the creative process and help you create a special and harmless place for your child. We specialize in nursery decorating, working with parents to understand the essence of the child's personality and integrating it into nursery interiors, decorations, furniture, and accessories for play, study, and bedtime.

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Modular kitchen

Design Desk modular kitchen design fits perfectly with the customer's personality and taste. Our modular kitchen designers design modular kitchens in all shapes using the latest technology and appliances, including L-shaped, U-shaped, island, and straight modular kitchens, including high gloss, hardwood, laminated, glass, semi-modular, and semi-modular modular kitchens.

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Bathroom designing

The bathroom should be clean and tidy with proper window treatments. You will be surprised by how hot the room is. Our designers bring together bathroom ideas that inspire creativity in your laundry room and help create a spa-level oasis of relaxation and elegance at home. Whether you are considering decorating your new bathroom or embarking on a complete renovation of your private bathroom, we want to make your bathroom a comfortable and relaxing place.

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Custom Furniture

At the Design Desk, our interior design professionals, skilled craftsmen, and artisans work together in the most bespoke and customized designs, materials, interiors, and finishes to create your dream furniture the way you want it. We are always good at designing and finishing custom-made furniture. Design Desk collaborates with a team of professional flat furniture design experts to manufacture custom sofa sets, TV panels, dining tables, and beds.

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We are your one-stop-shop for all of your home's needs, from building to upkeep, professionally and conveniently. We also ensure that our trusted personnel will provide you with the best service possible.
We construct a one-of-a-kind interior design suitable for creating a sense of tranquility through simplicity & comfort through luxury. We provide several types of residential designs like Interior Design, Kids Room Interior, Modular Kitchen, Bathroom Designing, with an affordable price range compared to others in the market.